I am not exactly sure how my experience might have been better. When Ted showed up at the end of the workday to help my wife and I clean our garage so that it might show better I was wowed. I soon found out that no effort to improve the house for showing was beneath Heather or Ted. They helped in whatever way they could and in many instances took the initiative and spent the time, effort, and money to fix or improve things that my wife and I hadn't gotten to. The star rankings given by me speak for themselves. If I could have been assigned 6 stars I would have. The foregoing notwithstanding stars cannot describe how impressed I was with Ted and Heather's build-up of our house for what would prove to be a fruitful auction and negotiation. The house's debut on the market was "the buzz", due to Ted and Heather's marketing. The initial pricing, which was, by design, somewhat below what would prove to be market value, frightened me at first. I had no real interest in selling at the listing price. However, Ted's knowledge of the market and a clear plan for creating an auction situation gave me confidence. The process unfolded exactly as forecast. Ultimately we accepted a fantastic offer that included many other material concessions from the buyer. The advocacy of Ted and Heather did not end with winning the purchase price. It continued all the way through negotiating escrow rates and more. I have never felt more well represented. You can't go wrong with Ted and Heather.
– Jay, Pasadena
I can't imagine ever buying a house without the help of Heather Lillard! I waited a long time to find the perfect house, She understood what I was searching for and led me straight to my dream house. She immediately put my mind at ease and made purchasing our home easy and pleasurable. She projects such confidence - she is an expert at her job. She is informative, confident, and knowledgeable. I particularly enjoyed working with her throughout the entire process. She "held my hand" each step of the way. She was emotionally supportive and handled each question (either financial or home-related) easily. I was particularly pleased when something went wrong with the plumbing after we moved in, and within an hour I received a message from Heather with the name and phone number of someone who could come fix it immediately. She follow-ups and continues to take good care of her clients! Fantastic!
– Julie, Pasadena
My husband and I were newbies to the house hunt, and as two doctors with a young baby, our schedules were totally frenetic. Ted and Heather were absolutely amazing at finding great listings, working with our schedules to navigate us all over Los Angeles efficiently, and making the best use of our time. They know the neighborhoods, schools, and housing market like the back of their hand. They are also warm, funny people and an absolute pleasure to work with personally and professionally. At this point, we are settled in our home, which has grown in value tremendously in just one year. Now our own parents or in-laws are now working with Ted and Heather to move to Los Angeles from the East coast. We are so grateful they are in the best real estate agent's hands. Heather and Ted have our very highest recommendation.
– Heather & Adam, Eagle Rock
Ted and Heather were absolutely wonderful. They acted for us both in selling our home in the Madison Heights area of Pasadena and in finding us a rental in the same neighborhood. Both transactions were easy and smooth with no hitches. thanks to their experience, contacts, and real estate knowledge. Selling the house was especially successful as they directly worked with the stager, landscaper, and photographer in preparing it for sale. The marketing and open houses were extremely well-done. We ended up with a three-way competitive bid. The house sold for $211,000 more than we paid less than 2 years ago. Ted and Heather handled everything. All we had to do was sign documents. Thank you both!
– Maria & Don, Pasadena
I asked Realtor® friends of mine who they would hire to sell their family home. I stipulated that I wanted to work with people with integrity, superior marketing skills, the ability to keep the information confidential, and in a pleasant manner. We got all that and more when we hired Ted and Heather to sell our family home. They are thoughtful, kind, honest, and very, very good at their job. The ultimate compliment came from my teenage son who was bereft about selling our home, he told me that if anyone was going to sell the home Ted and Heather were the people he trusted to do so and take into account his feelings.
– Jacqueline, Pasadena
Just the other day was the anniversary of when I met Ted. It was in 2009 when I wanted to buy my first home. He is such a treasure that I remember that day and this year texted him to let him know how thankful I am for him still. As a first-time homebuyer, I needed help and he walked me through the whole process before during, and after buying my home. He listened to me and immediately seemed to not only understand what I was and was not looking for, but he also seemed to understand how to best help me make the best offer and best represent myself to the sellers. I love my home! I love Ted.
– Jenny, Pasadena


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