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We as Pasadena real estate agents know that a home garden is an excellent addition to your home! Not only is it a soothing and rewarding hobby, but it makes your home look prettier too! Cultivating a beautiful home garden is about balancing a few different elements. You’ll need to consider the climate before committing to any plants, choosing the right direction so your plants get plenty of sunlight and lots more. In this article, we’ll walk you through our top 5 tips for having a beautiful home garden.
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1. Add raised garden beds

The first step to a home garden is setting it up for success. Raised garden beds can be a great first step for a variety of reasons. They are better for soil, significantly easier on your back and knees, and can help prevent critters from eating up your new plants. Raised garden beds are useful for newer and experienced gardeners since they help ensure that your soil is ready to help plants grow and provide better drainage. 
Our recommendation for raised garden beds would be Eartheasy’s Natural Cedar Raised Garden Beds. Easy to order and assemble, these garden beds are made in the USA from kiln-dried cedar. The wood is durable and naturally rot-resistant, so it’s the perfect addition to your garden. 
Natural Cedar Raised Garden Bed

2. Skip invasive plants

Invasive plants end up being a nuisance for home gardens. They spread too quickly and soak up nutrients before other plants can get to them, and it can be incredibly stressful managing them. That’s why most home garden experts recommend skipping invasive plants altogether and opting for food-bearing plants instead. 
You might not realize it, but even seemingly harmless plants like mint, crabgrass, bamboo, and dandelion are considered invasive because of how quickly they spread. Research plants before purchasing to ensure they will be the perfect fit for your home garden.

3. Create a plan and do some research

Your home garden will likely include many different plants - from succulents to flowers, shrubbery, and bushes. Between different watering needs, soil requirements, plant food, etc., it can get confusing! Create a plan to decide where and what to plant, it will help you map out exactly what you need to buy. You can use the GrowVeg app to do so. They have a fantastic garden planner tool for beginners that can be really helpful. 
Also, remember that not all plants like growing next to each other or need other species to help them grow. Research examples of what grows well together and what doesn’t. You can also research methods to cross-pollinate and ensure that you’ve chosen the right variety that will grow well.

4. Choose great soil and don’t forget to water

For your garden to grow, it needs to have the best resources possible. While water is one part of it, many often overlook the role of soil. A nutrient-dense, well-drained soil can do a lot for your plants and their growth. It’s easy to start with whatever you have and wing it as you go, but that won’t yield the best results. 
When investing in plants for your home garden, invest in the best soil for their growth, and you’ll see a world of difference in plant growth. You can use soil mixes such as Home Depot's Miracle-Gro Garden soil to help plants grow fast. You can also add mulch to help your soil become even more powerful. Mulching slows down weed growth and improves soil quality over time. 
Supplies like trowels can be incredibly helpful for breaking up soil clumps and digging small holes to better accommodate your plants in the soil. 
Once you have gotten the right soil figured out, think about your watering system as well! We all know watering is crucial for plant growth, so make it a priority. You can set up drip lines to automate watering and make your garden easier to maintain.

5. Get professional help. 

If you love a garden but don’t necessarily love gardening, don’t worry! You can still enjoy a gorgeous garden without needing to DIY anything yourself. You can work with local businesses such as DownToFarm for your garden. 
DownToFarm offers services such as custom raised garden beds, seasonal planting, irrigation, and general upkeep, care, and harvest as needed. Whether you’re looking for consistent help or with a particular part of gardening, Down To Farm can be incredibly helpful.
There is something really rewarding about seeing your plants grow and can make your home even more beautiful. And if you’re looking for a new house with a home garden, we’re here to help! Contact Ted Clark and Heather Lillard. Ted and Heather are experienced Pasadena real estate agents that can help you find the perfect home with the perfect gardening space.


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